When regular policies don’t fit – specialty insurance can help!

In addition to your standard homeowners, renters, auto insurance, life insurance and business policies, we are able to provide our clients with a number of specialty insurance coverages.

Having a wedding and need a liquor or venue liability policy? We can help with that, don’t get stuck with a huge bill from the venue or worse, a lawsuit because of something your guests did! Protect yourself with one of our specialty policies.

Running a sports or summer camp? Be sure you are insured in the event of an accident.

Need car insurance for your trip to Mexico? We can get you a Mexico car insurance policy.

Are you a vendor at a trade show? You’ll most likely be required to present insurance, we can help!

Are you a 1099 Fitness Instructor? You’ll most likely also be required to present insurance before you can teach at gyms. We can get you just the right coverage you need to protect yourself.

There are so many specialty insurances and with our large network of insurance companies we work with we can help you find the coverage you need in many difficult to pin down industries and situations.

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