Whether you’re buying your first home or your 10th, homeowners insurance is a must.

Don’t leave what is normally one of your biggest assets, your home, unprotected! A standard homeowners insurance policy includes the following coverages:

  • Dwelling coverage is at the core for all homeowners insurance policies. It provides protection for the structure of your home including the walls, floors, ceilings, attached fixtures and more. It generally covers a variety of perils including fire, hail, theft and vandalism – and can help you rebuild your home in the event of a total loss such as a fire. Your home is protected only up to your policy coverage limit so it’s important to work with an agent who can help you determine your home’s replacement cost, not just cover your mortgage.
  • Contents coverage protects your personal items within the home including furniture, jewelry and clothing. If a covered incident were to occur, you would receive funds for the value of these items, up to the limits in your policy.
  • Personal liability protects you when a guest on your property sustains an injury due to your actions or negligence. Have a neighbor kid who likes to use your trampoline? What happens if they get hurt on your property? Do you feel comfortable taking that chance and are you confident that your homeowners insurance covers you should the worst happen? Don’t hope, be sure you are covered properly!

However, the problem with just getting these three coverages on your home is that it doesn’t always cover all instances of loss, no matter how high your policy limits are. Because of this, it’s a good idea to consider customizing your policy by having additional homeowners coverages to suit your specific situation and location.

Some add on coverages common in the homeowners insurance industry are:

Flood insurance – If you live in a state or area that is prone to flooding, this coverage is a good idea and may even be required depending on your location.

Earthquake insurance – Live in an area prone to earthquakes? Don’t take the chance that you will be covered, know you will! This type of policy often requires a deductible of some sort.

Extended replacement cost – What if a catastrophic event happens in your area and your home is a total loss? And what if the cost of building materials skyrockets in your area due to that event?  Extended replacement cost coverage will add extra coverage for your dwelling should you have a total loss to your home and it costs more than your coverage limit to rebuild.

Water/Sewer backup – Having a sewer line back up in your home with the resulting mess is not a coverage provided on home insurance policies unless you specifically add it.  This low-cost added coverage provides peace of mind knowing the cleanup and repairs would be taken care of.

Buried Utility Lines – Many companies now offer coverage for utility lines outside of your home.  For example, should your sewer line from the house to the street need repair or replacement, this inexpensive coverage could save you thousands of dollars in out of pocket expenses.

Other structures insurance – Have an unattached structure on your property such as a barn, shed, garage, or gazebo that you want covered in case of an accident? Be sure your Other Structures coverage is sufficient to replace all of the unattached buildings and structures on your property.

Personal umbrella liability insurance – Get added coverage beyond the policy limits outlined in your main homeowners policy.

Medical payments coverage – Did someone trip and fall at your home? Medical payments coverage can take care of the medical treatment right away without determining who was at fault for the accident.

Ordinance or law insurance – Have an older home that wouldn’t meet current building codes were a loss to occur? Consider this additional coverage to help boost the cost to repair your home based on current building codes.

Looking for renters insurance or coverage for your rental property? We can help! 

If you want to see if you could be saving more or are properly covered in the case of a home loss, contact our agents below or give us a call for a review of your policy and be sure you have the right coverage for your needs.


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